Offshore Drilling Rigs Chartering

Offshore drilling rigs are used for drilling and exploration activities in the offshore arena. The high demand for crude oil, along with the maturing of onshore oil and gas wells is driving the market for offshore drilling rigs.

The increase in the number of investments from operators, especially for deep and ultra-deep water activities, fuels the growth of the offshore drilling rigs market.

Pan Marine Petroleum Services FZ also represents a number of the most famous rig owners all around the world, performing the most complicated processes in the most extreme conditions.

Drilling rigs come in a variety of sizes, from a one-person operation to those capable of drilling thousands of meters below the surface.

Provision of all Types of Drilling Units including:

 Jack-Up Rigs
 Semi-Submersibles Rigs
 Drill Ships
 Fixed Platforms
 Compliant Towers

Generally, jack-up rigs can operate in water depths ranging from 350 to 450 feet.

Semi-submersibles are typically employed in more challenging water conditions than drill ships and in water depths ranging from 500 feet to 8,000+ feet.

Drill ships are used in deep water applications.


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