Technical Support

Pan Marine Technical Support department is capable of managing the maintenance of any type of technical installation, with the versatility and technical expertise of our highly-experienced team , who will grant you the most efficient quote on all of the following areas:

  Calibration & Inspection
  Casting / Machining & Fabrication 
  Chemistry Services.
  Thermo dynamics and hydraulics
  Electric Power and Control
  Electrical Motors / Generators Reconditioning
  Steel Works
  Engine Overhaul
  Pipes Renewing , Fabrication / Installation
  Mechanics and Electronics
  Gangways & Safe Access Fabrication / Installation
  Genuine Spare-parts, instruments and equipment of operations, protection
  Signaling, industrial safety, and a wide range of products and services which make up the industrial supply area.
  Lashing and Securing
  Underwater Services

Marine contractor:

Pan Marine is a leading marine contractor, having agreements with the best workshops which are specialized in the following:

 Supply vessels with Fresh Water at all Egyptian ports either at berth through faucets (case available) or by barges or by trucks (according to the port facilities and regulations).
 Recharging of Dry Chemical and Wet Chemical.
 Deck Repairs (Chipping, Welding, Wood Replacement ….Etc.).
 Engine Repair & Cleaning.
 Electricity repair (Motors Rewinding, Generators Repairs … Etc.).
 Diving business including (underwater welding (Hot and/or Cold Welding), Painting Inspecting).
 Thickness measurements.
 Fire Fighting Equipment & detection systems annual inspection.
 Garbage & Sludge Disposal with Certificate.
 Safety Equipment Inspection & Maintenance.
 Fumigation & Cockroaches fighting service.
 Tank Cleaning Service.

Equipment For Lease

We are dedicated to continuously serving the growing and the changing needs of the oil, gas and industrial communities by providing high quality and cost effective solutions for the complete accommodation of workforces in remote areas both onshore and offshore.

 10 Ft Porta-Cabin Caravan (1 Room)
 10 Ft Porta-Toilet Caravan (2 toilets)
 20 Ft Container 20 Ft Porta-Cabin Caravan (1 Room, Buffet, Toilet) With Desks / Chairs / Drawers
 20 Ft Empty Rigging Container
 55 Ton Crosby - SP Wireless Load Cell + 2 x 55 Ton Crosby Anchor Shackles
 6 Doors Lockers
 Air Conditioned 40 Ft Container (2 Rooms, Buffet, Toilet), With Desks / Chairs / Drawers
 Aluminum Platforms - 4 Wheels
 Concrete Mattresses Hydraulic Lifting Fame With Pump & Hoses
 Fire Extinguisher 50 Kg - Powder - Wheeled
 Fire Extinguisher 6 Kg – Powder
 Fire Extinguisher 6 Kg – CO2 / Fire Search
 Hydraulic Light Tower
 Approved Pipes Lifting Tools / Accessories With Certificates


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