Oil and Gas Supply Base Logistics

Pan Marine Shipping Services provide a comprehensive suite of offshore and onshore services designed to support oil and gas production and exploration activities for both short and long-term projects. We have been providing world-class offshore logistics solutions and support services to the oil, gas and exploration sectors for more than 30 years. Our network of supply bases gives us close geographical proximity to major oil and gas activity in our region. Our capabilities range from delivering fully integrated supply chain management solutions to providing specialized services tailored to our customers’ specific needs. And in choosing to partner with us, you also have access to the combined resources of the divisions within the Group helping towards optimizing efficiencies across the supply chain.

Our services to the oil & gas sector include:

  • Supply base services and facilities support for offshore exploration, drilling, and construction operations.
  • Jetty/Quayside management.
  • Waste and scrap management.
  • Planning and management of logistics support services for offshore projects.
  • Project management of offshore and onshore construction projects.
  • Procurement and management services for warehousing & storage services.
  • Inventory management and receiving and consolidation of goods & materials.
  • Provision of management, labour, cranes, stevedoring, and trained personnel to provide a seamless interface between road and sea transport services.
  • Freight forwarding.
  • Comprehensive freight transport Services.
  • Customs clearance services.
  • Cargo Carrying Units (CCU).