Technical Support

Pan Marine has a professional and qualified staff high skilled engineers and technicians, who will grant you the most efficient quote on all technical support in the following areas :

  • Electricity
  • Thermo hydraulics
  • Chemistry
  • Mechanics and electronics for the materials supply
  • spare-parts, instruments and equipment of operations, protection
  • Signaling, industrial safety, and a wide range of products and services which make up the industrial supply area.
  • We transports, installs and removes all types of vessels include fixed structures, complex infrastructures and floating facilities, in shallow water, deep water and ultra-deep water.

Marine contractor:

Pan Marine is a leading marine contractor. We have agreements with the best workshops that are specialized in the following:

  • Supply vessels with Fresh Water at all Egyptian ports either at berth through faucets (case available) or by barges or by trucks (according to the port facilities and regulations.
  • Recharging of Dry Chemical and Wet Chemical
  • Testing and Repair of Fire Hoses
  • Deck Repairs (Chipping, Welding, and Tank Cleaning ….Etc).
  • Engine Repair & Cleaning.
  • Electricity repair (Motors Rewinding, Generators Repairs … Etc.)
  • Diving business including (underwater welding, Painting and Inspecting).
  • Fire Fighting & Detection systems annual inspection.
  • Renewal Certificates.
  • Garbage & Sludge Disposal with Certificate.
  • Safety equipment Inspection & Maintenance Lifting Gear equipment Inspection and load test.

Pan Marine “Supply Department” Policies

  • Value Proposition.
  • Zero Defect Philosophy.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Long Term Co-operation
  • ISO/OHSAS Operational Compliance.