Ship To Ship Transfer

Due to our recognized commitment to the tanker industry, we enjoy close working relationships with terminal operators, port authorities, and port services providers. We ensure well-maintained QHSE policies and plans to serve the nature of tanker vessel operations.

Our aim is to ensure a speedy turnaround for tankers operations with the minimum port stay time and costs through our well-qualified employees who understand vessels principals and concerns very well.

Pan Marine has great experience in the ship-to-ship transfer of oil, gas, and in some cases dry cargoes. We provide this service with the highest quality equipment. All operations are carried out in a strict accordance with ICS/OCIMF and SIGTTO guidelines and fully compliant with MARPOL chapter 8 requirements.

All operations are handled by well trained and experienced personnel to ensure safe control. Pan Marine also provides all necessary equipment such as hoses, fenders, and support craft, as well as full back-up services including standby boats, equipment transportation, and 24-hour communication.


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