Supplier of International Equipment & Chemicals

Pan Marine Petroleum Services FZ provides a wide range of innovative oilfield products and service solutions that support our customers’ success by creating exceptional value.

Pan Marine Petroleum Services FZ is the agent of well-known international petroleum equipment, machinery, and chemicals companies. We develop relationships with those companies that make a positive difference in our local customers’ performance, technically and financially.

We always monitor and provide regular feedback to international partners about competitor activities, market trends, and lost sales. We help international partners to identify their potential customers, register in main E&P and service companies in Egypt, and participate in their tenders and enquiries. In addition, our strong technical team that demonstrates the usefulness of such a product or a service by explaining product/service features and competitive advantages to prospective Egyptian customers.

Pan Marine Petroleum Services FZ offers marketing, registration, sales, and all technical support including local engineers and workers to international petroleum companies. Pan Marine Petroleum Services FZ always has an interesting business plan that can lead to win/win co-operation between us and your company.

Below is a quick overview of tools/services we provide to our local customers:

Supplying, Selling, and Installing Expansion Joints (Metallic, Rubber, & Fabric)

 Designing Standard Expansion Joints
 Customized Expansion Joints (as per client/project requirements)
 Refurbish / Repair Existing Compensators
 Onsite Installation Services
 Maintenance & Spare Parts
 Consultation & Inspection
 Pipe Work Design

Providing Hydraulic Hammering Services

Supplier of Products from International Chemicals Companies (Marine & Petroleum)

Supplier of Drilling Rental Tools “DRT”

 Drill Collars
 Heavy Weight Drill Pipe “HWDP”
 Drilling Jars
 Drilling Handling Tools

Supplier of Tubular Running Tools “TRS”

Providing Thru-Tubing Services

Providing Cold Cutting Services

Providing Consultation, Technical Support & Contracting

Supplying Protection Solutions against Corrosion

Supplier of International Petroleum Machinery and Equipment.


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